作为家庭成员或支持的人, your guidance and support are critical parts of your student’s journey to college. It’s a choice that impacts the entire family and you want to make sure you give yourselves time to talk about the options available, 并制定一个计划,以帮助减少任何颠簸. 在这个过程中提供帮助, we've provided some resources below to help you support your student as they begin to apply to college. We understand that the college search can be a stressful time for both 家庭 and students. Don’t forget to let your student take the lead, but be there for encouragement and support. 这段旅程对每个参与的人都是有益的!



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  • 我们如何与申请人沟通
  • 参观校园
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  • 校园安全
  • 学生服务
  • 多样性和包容性
  • 学术服务
  • 在校内住宿和用餐


  • 选择合适的大学
  • 选择合适的电子游戏试玩
  • 制定财务计划



For full consideration, students should apply to 电子游戏试玩 by the following dates:

  • 秋季学期- 6月1日
  • 春季学期- 12月1日
  • 夏季课程- 5月1日

电子游戏试玩的招生网页包括 指令 一年级学生. 每所大学都有不同的流程, so make sure your student familiarizes themselves with what those processes and requirements are.


如有遗漏,我们将及时发送信息, 文档, 或者通过电子邮件更新学生的申请, so students should regularly check the email they used in the application process. 录取通知将通过信件和短信发送.


电子游戏试玩有各种各样的 校园之旅 you and your student can choose from, lasting from 2 hours to 4-5 hours. Tours can include the following: meeting with an 招生 Counselor, 校园之旅, 住宿生活之旅, 午餐, 或与学术部门会面(取决于电子游戏试玩).


电子游戏试玩有专门的信息 家庭! 你也可以 加上你的名字 to our newsletter distribution list to receive more updates about State.


当一个学生来到大学, campus becomes a second home and the well-being of your student is essential to a successful college experience. We are committed to providing them the best support and resources available!


大学警察 是否每周7天,每天24小时都有服务. 安全 escorts are available through our Community 安全 Officers, 我们在校园里也有蓝灯杆, 与公共安全有直接联系, 还有911服务.


电子游戏试玩提供了无数的物理, 情感和精神, 为学生提供财务健康服务:





学生 play a huge role in maintaining and establishing an environment that is accepting and inclusive of all people. 在我们的学生中建立归属感, we have several student centers and organizations that can help students find their identity as a Sycamore:


We are dedicated to providing the most effective academic services to our students. 我们想帮助学生加强他们的学习技巧, 成为独立的学习者, 为自己辩护. 我们所有的辅导和指导服务都是免费的! 我们为学生提供的一些学术服务包括:


印第安纳州 需要 that all single first year students who reside within 60 miles of campus live in University residence halls.

For best consideration for Honors and Living Learning Communities, 住宅应用程序 应该在3月份提交吗. Beginning in April, room selection will be done in a staggered approach.  学生 are required to submit a $20 non-refundable housing application fee and a $150 refundable initial housing payment.

你可以查看 照片画廊和平面图 所有宿舍的网上信息.

所有住在学校的学生都必须有一个 膳食计划.  有多种 就餐选择 在校园里,学生们也可以有一个 迷你冰箱或其他小厨房用品 在他们的房间.



  • 列三个清单——到达学校,匹配学校,安全学校
    • Reach schools – institutions your student feels might be a little out of reach, 学术上和经济上. Their academic qualifications might not quite meet that school’s requirements, but they have a solid extra-curricular background that could make all the difference.
    • 配对学校-听起来就是这样! Your student matches the academic requirements for the institution, 包括GPA和任何要求的考试成绩或课程作业.
    • 安全 schools – Your student’s academic credentials exceed the admission requirements, so a high probability of being accepted will help you and your student breathe easy.
  • It’s important to remember not to rule out any institution because of cost. 你永远不知道 奖学金 or 金融援助 您的学生将有资格获得! 记住要考虑这样的事情 位置, 大小, 项目, 结果. However, be up front with your student about the realities of their college financing. Talk about expectations you have and how much your student will be expected to contribute.


你了解你的学生,你知道他们对什么充满激情. 每一种激情,都有 项目 这可以变成一个成功的事业. 我们的 职业中心 offers a variety of resources for students that can help them plan and prepare for their future. Here are some questions to ask your student to get them thinking about 项目 and careers in creative ways.

  • 你能在哪个行业看到自己?
  • 你认为自己处在什么样的工作环境中? Are you at a desk, in a collaborative work environment, creating things, or working outside?
  • Do you want to work for others, with others, or work for yourself?
  • 你想一对一地改变别人的生活吗, 或者你想影响更广泛的社会变革?
  • 你如何将你的兴趣、技能和爱好应用到工作中?


印第安纳州 believes a college education will empower your student to launch a bright future. If their plans include a college degree, they need to prepare for 如何付款. 我们建议:

  • 讨论他们的个人财务选择. 你的学生可能有资格获得一些 经济援助的种类, however personal preparation is key when it comes to affording college. 你会通过慈善机构为你的学生的教育做出贡献吗 529或其他大学储蓄计划? Have you developed a budget that will help you compare anticipated college expenses against your potential available income? A college degree is a significant investment in your student’s future, 他们需要知道他们有什么资源来资助它.
  • 使用 净价计算器 收到他们联邦政府最早的估计, pg电子游戏试玩, 以及机构财政援助资格.
  • 鼓励你的学生开始寻找 奖学金的机会. There are many types of 奖学金s, many different organizations that provide them. Familiarizing yourself with these opportunities early will allow your student to jumpstart their 奖学金 search process.
  • Empowering your student to begin making their own financial choices. Help them develop a budget and set financial goals for each upcoming year. Have them establish a bank account to teach them about managing their own money. Encourage your student to ask questions about financial concepts they don’t understand. The more your student knows, the more prepared they will be for paying for college.
  • 准备提交 免费申请联邦学生资助 (FAFSA). The FAFSA is the application for most types of federal and pg电子游戏试玩 金融援助. FAFSA在学生高年级的10月1日开放, the deadline to be considered for pg电子游戏试玩 of Indiana aid is April 15. 要归档,您和您的学生需要创建一个 FSA ID. The FSA ID is a username and password that allows your student to login to the FAFSA, as well as for you both to electronically sign and submit the application.

Looking for more tips on starting the “paying for college” conversation? 访问我们的 金融援助 有价值的经济援助信息网页. 如果你或你的学生有问题, 您也可以通过电话800-841-4744或电子邮件与我们联系 ISU-finaid@mail.indpg电子游戏试玩.edu.